Rocking the big bens on my Phil Wood/synergy #dope #schwalbe #philwood #velocityusa #bicycle

Rocking the big bens on my Phil Wood/synergy #dope #schwalbe #philwood #velocityusa #bicycle


A Happy Moment

Back in 2010 I quit my job and worked at a bike shop in LA.  This shop was filled with some truly inspiring people and looking back on it now, I feel fortunate to have been there. So many great friends were made in my years working in that dirty old building on Heliotrope.

The Juice was a small bike club I dreamed up for the shop.  Our kit was also the first one that my friend Eric & I ever designed.  I remember being so proud of this kit & so excited to see my friends/co-workers happy to wear them.  Its only been 4-5 years but these were different times as far as kits are concerned (as most of you know).  Good stuff was hard to come by!

One day I arrived to work (probably late) and one of my co-workers (Ace) stopped me right as I walked in the door.   He (literally) screamed at me  ”Robin Williams bought A FUCKIN’ JUICE KIT MAN!  Fuckin’ ROBIN WILLIAMS!  You’re Famous!  He really liked it! You gotta see Kyle’s photo!”.

The times when he came into the shop Robin was super humble & pretty normal from what I remember.  He usually just talked about vintage or obscure bikes w/ Kyle (this is Kyle’s speciality). I doubt he knew that I was the guy who helped design his kit (or even cared).  I doubt this was his favorite jersey or that he wore it often.  He had hundreds of jerseys!  I know because he once told me “I have hundreds of jerseys”!  None of that matters to me. This photo (by Kyle Kelley) made me smile 4 years ago & it still works today.  Our buddy & also another former co-worker Omar is the guy in the background.  

This image represents a period in my life that I really enjoyed. Where new friendships were being made…a time when my wheels started turning again (literally & figuratively).  Doing something little for someone (like posing for a photo) although trivial to you can mean a lot more then you might ever know…

This photo means a lot to me.

RIP Robin Williams 

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u right tho..white privilege just some tumblr bullshit..def. not applicable in the real world..damn

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Women should NOT be forced to feed their babies in a bathroom, all because we live in a misogynistic, porn-warped society that’s been brainwashed to believe that female breasts used for anything other than male pleasure is “indecent”. Support public breast feeding and end the porn culture.

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Checking out the MKS Urban Step In A pedals. Snazzy snazzy

Guinnesses Feat. Angelika & 4ize
MF Doom
Mm.. Food


MF Doom - Guinnesses

Solo Cruise #pdx #surly #troll @insidelineequipment #pdxbikecommuter

Solo Cruise #pdx #surly #troll @insidelineequipment #pdxbikecommuter

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